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About Steve

Steve Connor is President/CEO of Sports Outreach International, a non profit  (which pioneers sports ministry around the world) and Chaplain of a Division I Football Team. Steve is a frequent speaker and has addressed various audiences from Nascar’s Joe Gibbs Racing to Members of the Royal family in the United Kingdom.

He has a background in sport, NAIA Two-time All American, and a 'short and un-illustrious' career with the Historic Chicago Bears and Los Angeles Rams. He has published eight books, and has been the Facilitator for the ISC (International Sports Coalition, North America).

Steve and Michelle have been married for thirty years (this summer) and they have 3 children, 2 currently serving in missions in Haiti and Togo, West Africa. He was honored with his Doctorate from Azusa Pacific University.

Steve has visited over 100 countries and is currently back from Venezuela. Connor has ridden a motorcycle on every continent (except antarctica). He loves playing jazz on his 100 year old upright bass and lacks only talent to be a accomplished musician.