HERE are a few suggestions on how to start a strong biblically foundational sports ministry:

Step-by-Step: turning biblical principles into effective ministry
Podium Illustration: Sports Outreach Principles and Practices of Successful Sports Ministry

Podium Illustration: Sports Outreach Principles and Practices of Successful Sports Ministry

Starting a Successful Sports Ministry:

One of the biggest problems for sustainable sports ministry is lack of training and planning.

Step-by-Step: Recruit>Root>Shoot


Step 1) Understand and clearly train your leaders Jesus’ biblical principles for sports ministry.

·      Proclamation: How do we proclaim the Gospel in our sports ministry?

·      Demonstration: How do we demonstrate God’s love in our sports ministry?

·      Maturation: How do we take unchurched sports people through Jesus’ biblical model of discipleship/maturation?

·      Leadership: How can we build leaders that will impact the current ministry and have long-term leadership (great husbands/wives, parents, community leaders)?

·      Character: How do we create activities that will infuse character into those we are ministering to.


Step 2) Prayerfully Build a Team

·      Gather likeminded people (this may be in your church, or gathered around a town, city or region)

·      Pray together (model to the rest of the church how to work together: you understand “team.”)


Step 3) Dream (Vision/Revelation)

·      Ask God to help you grow a sports ministry that will build the church and impact your community, city, country…

o   Ask God for a clear path (Often your path for ministry in not in alignment with God’s path for your ministry.)

o   Ask God for short-term and long-term goals

o   Brain-storm ideas


Step 4)   Refine your goals/objectives:

·      Can we grow a sports ministry that: (How?)

o   Proclaims biblical truth (How?)

o   Is an example of servant-hood (How?)

o   Creates discipleship (How?)

o   Builds strong leaders (How?)

o   Builds Godly character into the lives of our people (How?)


Step 5) Survey your faith community.

Make short-term and long-term plans (at least 4 years)





·      Ask your Team: Does the above list have biblical and sustainable goals?

·      Ask your Team: How do we cast vision to the rest of your church for this ministry?

·      Ask your Team: How can we start our sports ministry and build momentum?

·      How can we effectively proclaim the gospel to those we want to minister to?

·      How can we demonstrate Jesus love to our group?

·      How can we build a climate for spiritual maturity to our group?

·      How will we identify and build the group into leaders?

·      How can we create a atmosphere of sportsmanship and build character into our group?


Step 6) Transforming principles into action:

·      Work backwards to forwards. Start with your dream, vision, and biblical results you are looking for.

·      Start planning and praying…

·      Build relationships in your events.

·      Build trust.

·      Inspire your group.

·      Challenge your group.

·      Keep it simple.

·      Keep your purpose at the forefront of your activates.